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Latest Health Threat: High Heels Can Obstruct Women From Getting Pregnant

Latest Health Threat: High Heels Can Obstruct Women From Getting Pregnant


According to several recent studies, there are many health risks associated with high heels. If the heel size is over 5 inches, it can cause the following things:

  1. Forces the body to adopt unnatural postures that prevent them from conceiving.
  2. It affects each and every system in the body, including the uterus and the reproductive system.
  3. It also leads to narrowing the pelvic inlet.

Dr Sagarika Aggarwal, IVF expert, Indira IVF hospital, New Delhi said: “Young girls entering puberty, start developing physiological as well as psychological maturity. But the foot bones, pelvis, and spine are not mature enough and hence under the influence of high heels (external force), tend to bend easily causing deformation.”

Aggarwal further added: “The tilted posture or the misbalance and misalignment displaces the uterus from its physiological anteverted or retroverted position and thereby causing pain during menstruation, intercourse, and other fertility-related issues.”

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Dr Archana S Ayyanathan, who is a Chennai based gynaecologist said: “Girls who regularly wear high heels, may be subjected to difficulties in giving birth along with elevated pain and other maternal problems. This often leads to an improper posture and poor alignment of the spine leading to ineffective functioning of the organs leading to the displacement of the uterus as well.”

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