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News Like Us Eunuchs (Hijras) Also Get Married, How They Celebrate Their First...

Like Us Eunuchs (Hijras) Also Get Married, How They Celebrate Their First Wedding Night Will Shock You!

You will get surprised after knowing that eunuchs (Hijras) also get married but only for one night. Shockingly, they don’t get married to each other but they get married to their holy lord. They worship their god Iravan and get married to him.

Iravan, also known as Iravat or Iravant, is a minor character from the Mahabharat. The son of Pandava (one of the main heroes of the Mahabharata) and the Naga princess Ulupi.

But how Iravan became the lord of eunuchs? Let us tell you! Iravan sacrificed himself to make Pandava brothers win against the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra in the epic Mahabharata. But before he sacrificed himself, Aravan wished to marry a woman and spend the night with her.

Hence, in order to fulfill Aravan’s request, Lord Krishna turned himself into the form of an attractive woman, Mohini. After Aravan sacrificed himself the next day, Mohini grieved like a widow, breaking her bangles and beating her breasts.

Every spring, thousands of hijras or eunuchs or transgender devotees from all over India and neighboring countries flock to the southern Indian village of Koovagam, to reenact the story of Aravan. This festival is called Koovagam festival.

The two day festival at Koothandavar Temple. In a symbolic ritual, the participants take on the role of Mohini and are married to Aravan by the temple priest. The next day they mourn Aravan’s death by participating in ritualistic dances and breaking their bangles as per the Mahabharata story. In addition to the religious ceremony, the participants compete in beauty pageants and singing contests.

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