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Innovative Ideas By BJP MP’s To Attend Parliament Session During Odd- Even

Innovative Ideas By BJP MP’s To Attend Parliament Session During Odd- Even


Parliament session has started on 24th of this month and the Member’s of Parliament(MP) are facing difficulties in reaching to parliament due to Odd-Even in Delhi. This time, MP’s are not been given any concession from Odd-Even and this rule is equally applicable on all.

Delhi Government is saying that, it had started a MP special DTC Bus service for the ease of MP’s, But except some, none wants to use this service.

Some are opposing it and some are anyhow following Odd-Even and managing to come to the Parliament. But, Two of the BJP MP’s had gone to another level. Check out these Ideas to go with the rule:

1. Manoj Tiwari: Manoj Tiwari (Loksabha MP from North-East Delhi) is reaching the Parliament on Cycle to follow the rule and to avoid Breaking the rule. Well, only we can say is Well Done Manoj Tiwari.

manoj-tiwari on cycle following Odd Even

2. Ram Prasad Sharma: Ram Prasad Sharma went a step forward and choose a very innovative medium to come on. Horse, Yes you read it right. BJP Member of Parliament from Hardoi(Uttar Pradesh) seems unhappy with the Rule being applicable on MP’s and planned to protest against it. So What he did next is simply very different. But anyhow he invented a new idea to be followed by other’s too if they have any problems.

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