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Hill Stations Around Bangalore

Hill Stations Around Bangalore


The city of Bangalore enjoys mild temperatures and great weather almost throughout the year owing to its geographical position. There are also many awesome spots you can visit around the city if you’re feeling a bit warm and want a change.

Bangalore is surrounded by many popular hill stations which have awesome weather and provide a fun substitute from the usual. These hill stations are also in close proximity and you can get a car rental in Bangalore and explore them.

Here’s what to expect from hill stations around Bangalore:

Nandi Hills

A beautiful locale that’s driving distance from the city, Nandi Hills is a scenic spot which offers stunning views of the surrounding areas. It is the ideal place to visit for a quick hill station visit, being that its just 58 kilometres from the city.

The top of the hills is also home to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace as he used to visit here to keep away from the heat of the summer. It is a great place to visit with a group of friends as you can take some splendid photographs from the top.

Horsley Hills

Situated at 1265 metres, Horsley Hills is an awesome place to enjoy a relaxing getaway from the city. It is ideal for anyone who is a nature or bird lover as there are plenty of rare species flying around the hills.

The flora too, consists of a variety of trees like Jacaranda, Eucalyptus, Gulmohar, Allamanda, Amla, Sandalwood and many more. You could also enjoy visiting the other surrounding areas such as Lake Gangotri and the Environmental Park and have a peaceful weekend. This place is also just 166 kilometres from the city.


Yercaud is often compared to the other popular hill station of Ooty but it has its own unique nature with beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Surrounded by greenery all around, Yercaud also enjoys great weather through the year and has a host of activities.

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You can enjoy trekking, hiking, going on boat rides or even visiting the waterfalls surrounding the area. There are also many plantations here, including orange, coffee, guava, jackfruit and more, so prepare yourself for a feast by nature. Book a car rental, Yercaud is around 228 kilometres from Bangalore.


Located just 240 kilometres from Bangalore city, Chikmagalur is at an altitude of 3,400 feet and is at the foothills of the Mulliyangiri Range. The hill is worth a weekend visit if you’re looking to enjoy some quiet and peace and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

It is also the spot where the rivers Tunga and Bhadra originate and this spot offers a picturesque backdrop. 


Coorg is another popular spot that offers relief from the warm weather. This historic hill station is home to many coffee plantations that stretch for miles along with spice gardens as well. You can also enjoy activities such as trekking and golf, making this a great holiday destination away from the city at just 240 kilometres. 

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