Himanshi Khurana
Himanshi Khurana new video song

A new Punjabi song of Himanshi Khurana titled Tamasha has just been released and it’s all about heartbreaks that will leave your eyes moist.

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana is back with the new song ‘Tamasha’. The new music video of actress-singer Himanshi Khurana has been released. This song is getting a very good response. Extra-Marital Affair – Divorce and post-divorce pain are all beautifully described in the song. The song features actor Rony Singh and Himanshi together. This song is sung by Marshall Sehgal. Marshall has written the lyrics and he has composed the song. It shows heartbreaking chemistry between Himanshi and him.

Let us tell you that Himanshi gain popularity when she became the contestant at Big Boss. Her chemistry with Asim also made headlines. Himanshi took the entry as a wild card in the show. Although her journey in the show did not last much longer, it was as brilliant though.

What’s in the Video Song

In the video, Himanshi is seen playing the role of Rony’s wife who has an extramarital affair. The video opens with Rony’s girlfriend who is in love with him and insists him to leave her wife so that they can be together in the future. After Himanshi signs up the divorce paper, Rony goes back to his girlfriend. However, instead of being happy, his girlfriend tears the paper saying ‘ “If you couldn’t be hers how can you be mine?”’ And that’s what the song is all about. Watch the video below:

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