News Hindu Girl Murdered For Refusing Forceful Conversation And Marriage in Pakistan

Hindu Girl Murdered For Refusing Forceful Conversation And Marriage in Pakistan

A Hindu Girl named Rajkumari Talreja murdered in Pakistan. Her only mistake was she refused to convert into Islam by marrying a Muslim boy. It all happened in the Hindu minority area of Pakistan, Sindh. On January 27, 2019, a Hindu Talreja family’s daughter Rajkumari shot dead by a man named Agha Salar Khan Pathan, an inspector in the anti-encroachment cell, in Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan, after she refused to marry him.

Rajkumari was 32 years old and was an owner of a fitness centre in an upscale locality of Shikarpur. She was about to get married on February 3 in Karachi. It is not a new thing for the people of Pakistan because the conversion of Hindu women into Muslim is a common scenario there. Muslim men forcefully ask Hindu women to convert into Islam and then marry them.

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Infuriated at this refusal, first Agha Salar shot her and then felt humiliated that a Hindu woman refused him, he then shot himself also. He died on the spot whereas Rajkumari died during the treatment in the hospital. Agha was stalking Rajkumari for a long time and kept a lookout for her before committing the crime on this unfortunate day.

Rajkumari was due to marry a Hindu boy named Akash Kewalramani, on February 3, 2019. According to a report, “Every year, Muslim men abduct and forcibly convert about 1,000 girls — mostly Hindus.”

According to the Pakistan Hindu Council, about 5,000 Pakistani Hindus leave every year for neighbouring India where 80% are Hindus to escape religious persecution.

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