Hindustani Bhau Lashed Out At Ekta Kapoor: Watch Video

Hindustani Bhau has accused Ekta Kapoor of being “anti-national and raised question against her. Watch the video in which Bhau was seen lashing out at her.

A video of Hindustani Bhau has been surfaced on social media. In the video Hindustani Bhau(Former Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Pathak) has questioned the Padma Shri award given to Ekta Kapoor. Hindustani Bhau said that for what, the Government of India has given Padma Shri Award to Ekta Kapoor. What contribution has Ekta Kapoor made for the country? Bhau demanded to return Padma Shri. Hindustani Bhau also questioned the government and said that you do not see any other human being. Why is the award given only to these people? Army soldiers and their families should get this honor.

Now the Controversy is raging on Ekta Kapoor’s web series XXX. Bigg Boss 13 fame Hindustani Bhau filed a police complaint against TV Queen Ekta Kapoor. She has been accused of being “anti-national, disrespecting the Indian military and defaming the country.” Hindustani Bhau in the video is seen lashing out at Ekta Kapoor. He said that after I lodged complaint I started getting loads of phone calls. They say ‘Bhau let us sit and talk’. But I don’t want any talking, I only want her to apologize to the Indian Army.”


The reason behind lashing at Ekta Kapoor

 Actually Ekta Kapoor’s AltBalaji web series XXX 2. Titled Pyaar Aur Plastic, has an episode in which a woman was seen in a physical relationship with her boyfriend, while her husband, who is a soldier, is on duty at the border. This went quite offensive in the eyes of Hindustani Bhau and he said “Our army is our pride and the woman indulges in a sexual act with a man, who wears her husband’s uniform. This is shameful as they have made a joke of our soldiers,”. Well, this has now become the topic of discussion in social media. However, Ekta Kapoor has not reacted to the complaint yet.

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