History Of Nepal

The decades-old friendship of India-Nepal is discussed many times. Often the news of differences between the two countries also comes to the fore. Not only this, the PM of Nepal has even said that ‘Ayodhya’, the birthplace of Lord Ram, is in Nepal. There is no use in repeating all these heard things again. That’s why we thought today we will give you some new information about our neighboring country.

That is, those who have not seen the past of Nepal, bring them by taking a tour of the neighboring country’s past. The question would be when and how? So let’s find the answers to all your questions in these pictures.

The picture of women selling bangles is from 1967 

King of Tribhuvan taking a picture with his two queens

Picture of 1973 where the little girl is vaccinating her brother

The view is from the 1970s

Gauchar Airport

When the first car arrived in Kathmandu

Only a father can do this work

5th Prime Minister of Nepal Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana

Queen Elizabeth II

Nepal Railway! 

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