Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone Says he Will Charge $1,000 For Selfies And $400 For Dinner With Fans, Gets Slammed

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone is all set to go to Manchester, London and Birmingham to promote his upcoming film ‘Rambo Last Blood’. 72-year-old actor Sylvester has decided to charge fans who want to take selfies with him during this time. One selfie is priced at $1081 means near about Rs 70 thousand. Fans get raged after his announcement.

According to the news, when the fans came to know about it, they trolled Sylvester Stallone very fiercely. One user said – “It’s a matter of shame. We do not need to sell kidneys to meet you”. The other user said, “it is better that we go for a night out with friends then having selfies with you.” Whereas, the other said, “If someone is dumb enough to pay 1000 to take a picture with (Stallone) they deserve to lose their money.”

Stallone’s next tour is to be held in August and September. At the time of this promotional tour, previously Selfie’s ticket priced at $160, but later it was increased to $1081 by saying that it will be a Premium Photo Experience. In the package, Black Tie Dinner will be for 3 days, in which fans will see live stage interviews. There will also be a three-course dinner. At the same time, signed items will also be kept for the auction.

It is worth considering that Stallone evidently is a very wealthy man, does he really need to charge fans to take photos with him?