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Entertainment Superstars Who Came From Poor Families But Made It Big in Hollywood

Superstars Who Came From Poor Families But Made It Big in Hollywood

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It is said everyone borns with his own fate in this world. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor whatever is destined will came to you. Proving the statement true, we have compiled the rags to riches stories of the superstars that made really big in the Hollywood by their own and without any Godfather. These will surely inspire you!

1) Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex and The City actress and 49-year old, Sarah was born in a poor family. Her family lived on welfare for many years. In an interview, she revealed that they used to live without electricity and once their phone lines were cut because they couldn’t pay the bill. She got her big break when she landed the Broadway role in Annie at age 11 and that was her turning point.

2) Leonardo Dicaprio

The Titanic star spent his life as a poor youngster eager to get out of the mean streets of Los Angeles. Not only this, he even saw violence, prostitution, and drugs at a very young age. Today, he is one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood.

3) Tom Cruise

Now, this is a shocker for many!! As it is hard to imagine superstar Tom Cruise living the poor life. He was not poor from the very beginning as his father was an electrical engineer and his mother was a special education teacher, professions with substantial pay rates. But suddenly his life turned to dark when his mother left the family. Cruise was only 11 years old that time and the worst part was his father died shortly after. Orphaned Cruise managed to make a name for himself by starting at the bottom of the showbiz barrel. Rest is the history!

4) Demi Moore

This famous Hollywood actress dropped out of high school as her mother was unable to pay her fee. She grew up in several trailer parks with her mother, who was addicted to alcohol. At the age of 16, she decided to pursue a career in modeling and her fate favored her this time. She entered the entertainment industry in 1984 and successfully made big!

5) Halle Berry

The ace Hollywood actress lived in a homeless shelter when she moved to New York to pursue modeling.

6) Leighton Meester

Th star was born in a federal jail in Texas where her mother served time for being involved with a drug racket.

7) Jim Carrey

The star was born in a very poor family. His family members worked in a tyre factory. Their financial status was very low. They hardly managed to gather basic necessities with money in order to survive. But he defied the odds and turned the fate in his favor.


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