High Life Fashion Home Remedies! This Karwa Chauth Get The Dark Color Of Mehndi You...

Home Remedies! This Karwa Chauth Get The Dark Color Of Mehndi You Always Wanted By Yourself

Mehndi which is also known as henna holds a great cultural importance in Indian society. Darker the color of Mehndi better it is and for married women’s it holds much more importance as it is one the 16 symbols of sixteen bridal beautifications.

Sometimes the color of mehndi does not get darker hence it does not look as pretty as the darker mehndi on a lady’s hand does. So, here are some tips to get a darker color.

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How to make your mehndi darker for hands

Wash Your Hands Properly

Wash your hands

Wash your palms properly before applying mehndi so that dirt and oil get removed completely. If you do this mehndi will properly be absorbed.

Use A Little Bit Of Oil


Apply some  eucalyptus oil ( Nilgiri tel ) before applying mehndi it smells good and works wonder for the color of your mehndi.

Let It Dry Itself


After applying the mehndi, you should always let it dry on its own. You should never try to dry it quickly by sitting in the sun, shaking your hands or putting them in front of a fan.

Keep It As Long As You Can


Apply your mehndi in the night, keep it overnight  and take it off in morning. The longer you will keep the mehndi the darker color it will get.

Use Cloves


Put some cloves in a pan, turn on the gas, and place your hands in such a way that your mehndi gets exposed to the smoke coming from the cloves. Remove the hands only when they start hurting

Lemon Juice


Once your mehndi has dried out completely, take a mixture of sugar and lemon on it with the help of a cotton ball. Use the right amount, as over-doing, it may spoil your mehndi design.

Apply Vicks!!


After removing the mehndi, apply Vicks or some pickle oil on it. This will give a darker color to your mehndi.

With all these tips you can get darker mehndi. So, you do not need to worry as this year you will surely get the darker shade of your mehndi. This will make your Karwa Chauth more special.

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