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Infotainment Honda India Recalls It's 1.9 Lakh Sold Cars That Have Deadly Airbags

Honda India Recalls It’s 1.9 Lakh Sold Cars That Have Deadly Airbags

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Honda is one of the most trusted car manufacturing companies of India but this was really not expected from such a reputed firm. Honda India has recently recalled it’s nearly 2 lakh sold cars, including the previous generation’s Jazz, Accord, City, Civic and CR-V cars.

The Main Reason Behind This Recall Is That The Cars Have Deadly Airbags Installed Inside Them

In the latest generation’s car models, the proper fitting of safe and secure airbags in necessary but the older Honda vehicles only had the deadly airbags, which really have the potential to even kill a fit and healthy person.

Honda showroom
Source: Hcbi

This precautionary recall made by the company is set with the aim to replace the airbags made by the Japanese company Takata. For everyone’s surprise, the Takata airbags could be found in Honda’s each and every car which was sold in the decade 2000-2010 but what’s more beneficial.

The Honda Is Ready To Replace The Airbags Free Of Charge At Its Every Dealership Across India

 Honda car owners are requested to check if their car really needs the replacement or not by sending a 17-characters Vehicle Identification number (VIN).

Although the company is ready to replace the airbags of its each and every sold car, the first turn will be of CR-V and Civic users with other models getting the replacement by September. The replacement is expected to be implemented on 22,483 premium Accord sedan cars, sold between 2003-11.

Honda cars
Source: Honda


Moreover, 1,37,270 ‘City’ cars would also be affected by the recall which were sold in the year 2008-11 and the implementation would also be done on 15,706 premium hatchback ‘Jazz’.

Honda company’s this recall has affected other car manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Ford, mainly because of Takata airbags installed in their cars. It has lead to the largest number of recalls in American history, which is actually 34 million cars.

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