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High Life Honest Confessions of Wives On Karva Chauth

Honest Confessions of Wives On Karva Chauth

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And its finally here, a festival celebrated all over India when women fast for an entire day without food and water praying for their Husband’s well being and long life. Its a tradition which has been passed down for centuries. It may seem like a sweet romantic gesture as a Wife stays hungry for a day for their Husbands to have a long and happy life. But haven’t you ever heard a Hungry woman is an Angry woman? Well, Here are some honest confessions from a Wife on Karva Chauth..

1. Though we feel excited about Karva chauth but it is only because of the shopping we do two weeks before while the though of fasting is a reason of paranoia.

– Anonymous


2. We’d never started with Karva chauth in the first place if mother-in-laws weren’t so pushy. I can bet she too makes us fast only because her mother-in-law made her do it and she knows it drives you mad.

– Anonymous


3. I really Like the Festival of Karva Chauth on the whole and every bit of it. Also, I fast because I love my Husband and I pray for his life not just on the day of Karva Chauth but every day. Only, that I really wished he’d fast for me too if he says he loves me as much.                                                      

– Anonymous


4. I like Karva chauth as my Hubby is extra sweet that day and brings me gifts and takes me out later in the evening but all this also because he knows how crazy angry I can get when Hungry not because he appreciates me doing it out of love.                                                                                               

– Anonymous


5. I like to spend the day of Karva Chauth mostly sleeping because I find its the easiest way i can resist the temptation to have something and when somebody asks me to cook or fetch a glass of water I’m a raging ball of fire from Hell.

– Anonymous


6. I celebrate this festival not only because the nice dress and accessories and Henna is an added advantage but also because fasting once in a while is also good for the Body.. Husband? Oh yes! He gets longer life too 😛

– Anonymous                                                                                                  –


7. Karva chauth is basically for your Husband but its a festival women enjoy as a day to look their best visit the spa and spend an entire day with your friends. Also you get to spend as much as you want, who’ll complain or scold since you are fasting..         

– Anonymous


8.  For an open and outgoing and a challenging woman like myself I don’t support such a ritual. I fasted on the Karva Chauth only on the first year of marriage but later told my partner how I actually felt about it and he laughed it off saying how he understands completely and now I love my husband every single day and will stand by him every other day and not just on Karva Chauth.

– Anonymous

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