Honeymoon destination
Honeymoon destination

We all know that coronavirus put a halt to everything after it made its way. The pandemic resulted in a nationwide lockdown and forced people to stay back at home for months. But just think about those who got married at the beginning of the year or just before the pandemic started. Those couples who were making plans for their honeymoon either canceled their programs or postponed it to next year. But now after the lockdown if you think of stepping out again below we have shared the destinations that are safer to travel amidst the ongoing pandemic. So scroll down to check it out.

1. Vatican City

Situated on the west bank of the Tiber river. Vatican City is the world’s smallest fully independent nation. And is known for its historical architecture. It is surrounded by Rome and is one of the best destinations for those who love historic art and museum.

2. Singapore

If you are more into amusement parks eccentric themed gardens. And love to see a lighted up and happening city. Singapore is one of the destinations that you can opt for.

3. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is a beautiful remote island, with zero covid cases at present. Therefore it can be the best place for honeymoon couples to enjoy their honeymoon. One can go scuba diving and witness the beautiful marine life of the island.

4. Seychelles

Seychelles is home to many coral reefs, beaches, and marine creatures that you can witness on your tour. And therefore this beautiful island can be the best destination for your honeymoon. As you can chill out with your partner in the bikini tops to have an extraordinary experience.

5. Saint Lucia

This island is an exotic honeymoon destination, with beautiful mountains on its west coast. It is home to luxury resorts and one of the best destinations that the couple should go for.

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