Elizabeth Bathory

There are many such stories and secrets buried in the layers of history, which if they come to the fore, you will be shocked. There was such a queen, due to whose exploits her fear had spread among the people. Apart from being wild, this queen was also a dreaded serial killer. Although you must have heard about many serial killers, who would have committed many murders in a sequential manner, but the story of this queen can give you goosebumps. This queen used to kill unmarried girls and bathe them with their blood.
The name of this queen living in Hungary was Elizabeth Bathory. Elizabeth Bathory is known as the most dangerous and brutal female serial killer in history. Between 1585 and 1610, Bathory had killed more than 600 girls and bathed them with their blood. It is said that someone advised Elizabeth to bathe with the blood of virgins to maintain her beauty. Elizabeth liked this method so much that she crossed the limits of cruelty for it.

Elizabeth Bathory

Serial killer Elizabeth did not desist from brutalizing and brutalizing the girls after killing them. According to popular stories, she used to take out the flesh of dead girls by biting them with her teeth. It is also said that in this terrible crime of Elizabeth Bathory, her three servants also supported her.

Actually, Elizabeth Bathory belonged to the Hungarian royal family. Elizabeth was married to a man named Ferenc Nadesdy, who was Hungary’s national hero in the war against the Turks. Elizabeth used to weave a huge net to trap the girls in her clutches. Being a woman of high status, she used to invite poor girls from nearby villages to her palace by luring them to work for good money. But as soon as the girls came to the palace, she used to make them her prey.

Elizabeth Bathory

It is said that when the number of girls in the area decreased significantly, then he started hunting girls from high family. When the King of Hungary came to know about this, he got the matter investigated. When investigators reached Elizabeth’s palace regarding this matter, they were stunned to see the condition there. The investigation team had recovered skeletons of several girls and gold and silver jewelery from Elizabeth’s palace.

In the year 1610, Elizabeth was arrested for her heinous crime. Elizabeth was not hanged for this misdeed, but she was imprisoned in a room of her own palace, where she died four years later on August 21, 1614.

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