In the pages of history, we get to read about the stories of many such genocide, which can never be forgotten. A similar massacre took place in the African country of Rwanda. It is said that not one or two, but about eight lakh people were killed in this horrific massacre that lasted only 100 days. If this incident is called the biggest massacre in history, then it will not be wrong at all. In fact, this massacre started in 1994 due to the assassinations of Rwanda’s President Juvenal Habayarimana and Burundi’s President Cipren. Both these presidents died due to a plane crash.
However, it is not yet proved who was behind the crash of the plane. But some people blame Rwanda’s Hutu extremists for this, while some believe that the Rwanda Patriarch Front (RPF) did this work. Because both presidents belonged to the Hutu community, Hutu extremists blamed the Rwanda Patriarchate Front for the assassination. At the same time, the RPF alleged that the ship was blown up by Hutu extremists, so that they could get an excuse for the massacre.

Actually this massacre was an ethnic conflict between the people of Tutsi and Hutu community. According to historians, in this struggle that lasted for the next 100 days from 7 April 1994, the people of the Hutu community started killing their neighbors, relatives and even their wives coming from the Tutsi community.

The people of the Hutu community killed their wives belonging to the Tutsi community only because they would have been killed if they had not done so. Not only this, the people of the Tutsi community were killed, as well as the women belonging to this community were also kept as sex slaves.

However, it is not that only Tutsi people were killed in this massacre. Thousands of people from the Hutu community were also killed in this. According to some human rights organizations, after Rwanda took power, Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) fighters killed thousands of Hutu community. Let us tell that to avoid this genocide, millions of people of Rwanda fled and took refuge in other countries.

In 2002, almost seven years after the Rwandan genocide, an international criminal court was set up to punish those responsible for the killings. However, there the killers could not be punished. The United Nations Security Council then created an International Criminal Tribunal in Tanzania, where several people were convicted and sentenced for the genocide. Apart from this, social courts were also created in Rwanda, so that those responsible for the genocide could be tried. It is said that even before the trial, about 10 thousand people had died in jails.

Speaking about tribalism in Rwanda has been made illegal since the genocide in ethnic conflict. According to the government, this has been done so that hatred does not spread among the people and Rwanda does not have to face another such incident.

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