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2018 is The Year of Horror, Whopping Number of 27 Ghostly Films Will Scare The Hell Out of You!

Love horror films? Then 2018 is bringing a big package of ghostly films for you and it won’t be wrong to call it the year of horror. The trailer of one of a kind film is ruling over the social media these days and the movie belongs to none other the fine actress of the Bollywood, Anushka Sharma. Yes, we are talking about film Pari.

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The scariest trailer is already out and haunting us! It is giving insight into the Pari‘s world and yes, it’s ‘not a fairytale.’ Anushka appears to be possessed by a demon, who has “come out to play.” But it is not just Pari but a whopping number of 27 films including Primal Rage, Game Night, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, Slaughterhouse Rulez, Unfriended: Game Night, Hellfest, Goosebumps: Horrorland, Guardians of the Tomb, Selfie from Hell that are releasing this year and it won’t be wrong to call 2018 as the year of horror. Checkout:

2) A Quiet Place


3) The Nun

4) Incident in a Ghost Land

5) Slender Man

6) Truth or Dare

7) The Predator

8) The Meg

9) The Cloverfield Paradox

10) Annihilation

11) Venom

12) Unsane

13) Hellraiser: Judgment

14) Halloween

15) Hereditary

16) The Little Stranger

17) The House That Jack Built

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