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Hospital source confirms about Sanjay Dutt’s Cancer reports

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is suffering from 4th stage of lung cancer. This was confirmed by the hospital source after he was initially diagnosed.

Sanjay Dutt was hospitalized last weekend after he complained about the breathing problem. He was admitted to Lilavati Hospital and was also tested for corona along with other tests of his body, but fortunately, his reports came negative. And the doctor released him. The day after he has released the news broke out that the actor is suffering from the 4th stage of cancer. And he will be soon flying to the USA for his treatment. After the news surfaced his social media platforms were flooded with the prayers of well-wishers who hoped for his speedy recovery. However, the doctors said that without initial diagnosis they cannot confirm the reports about this.

Now as per the source from the hospital it was confirmed on Wednesday, that the actor is suffering from the fourth stage of the deadly disease. A source from the hospital told Mumbai Mirror that after Sanjay complaint about the breathing problem, it was found that his oxygen level has gone quite low. And the main reason for this was the fluid that had accumulated in his lungs. After the fluids were sent for testing it was presumed that it may be tuberculosis or cancer. But the latest reports that came on Wednesday confirmed that Dutt is suffering from stage 4 lung cancer.

Dr. Jalil Parkar who is treating Sanjay did not comment on anything related to the reports. Earlier when Sanjay found that he was not feeling well he took to his Twitter handle and informed everyone “I am taking a short break for medical treatment and will be back soon”.

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