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Entertainment Hottest Comic Book Characters Of All Time

Hottest Comic Book Characters Of All Time

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Movies and T.v Shows are the things that entertain us, But apart from this we also want to entertain ourselves through other sources like comic books. Comics are something that we all love to read. Well, we get more excited once we see them. So to make you go more excited here are some Oh so hot! comic characters that you will love to see. So sit back and scroll down to have a sneak peek.


She is a character who is known for her complicated love-hate connection with Batman. She normally appears in a one-piece tight outfit and applies a bullwhip as her weapon.

Scarlet Witch

Being so calm and submissive, Scarlet Witch also takes a place in our list as a strong character of the virtual world. Do you know one thing? No? Oh Okay… Her costume is designed from a bathing suit. Shhh! Don’t brag about it, let’s make it confidential and proceed to the next.


Let me tell you the bad news first, Mystique was married to Professor Xavier. Famous through the San Francisco streets to whole America, Mystique owns the power of mimicking the appearance and voice of any person with exquisite precision.

Emma Frost:

She is a mutant telepath also called a White Queen. The most core members with the leaders from x-men.


Psylocke is an imaginary superhero that is commonly associated with the X-Men. She is one of the most important characters in X-Men. She first made her appearance in Captain Britain of Marvel UK. 


She debuted as a villain and joined X-Men. The interesting part about her is that she has the ability in absorbing and sometimes removing memories, superpowers, and physical strength of anybody she touches.


Zaaaataaanaaa, oh, sounds pretty freaky and magical right? Zatana is an actual magician and also a stage magician, who have the crown of one of the hottest women in the DC universe.


Well well well, we all grew up watching Peter Parker as our favorite hero and Marry Jane as his girlfriend. But what if his girlfriend can be the spider-woman. Holy flap yeah, but wait, we can only imagine this. Dou you know what are her abilities? These: Master spy, Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and senses, Gliding, Pheromone manipulation, Bio-electric energy projection, Wallcrawling.


She was introduced as a female rival to the crime-fighting prowess of Batman. A character that appeared in D.C Comics Detective stories. And you know what, she was the first several characters that would make a batman family.

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