Madonna’s Topless Mirror Selfie After Her Knee Surgery

Months after her surgery, Madonna has shared amazing pictures of her in which is seen topless. So let's have a sneak peek....
High Life Beauty And Brains: 10 Hottest Divas Fell in Love With Silicon Valley...

Beauty And Brains: 10 Hottest Divas Fell in Love With Silicon Valley Nerds

God has bestowed beauty on some and brains on the others. What if they two come together and make a pair? Expect a deadly combo! Here is a list of hottest divas who are supermodels, activists, artists and actresses and fell in love with Silicon Valley techies. Here is the list below:

1) Larry Ellison & Nikita Khan – Oracle

The 73 years old co-founder and CEO of Oracle, the biggest software company in the world, is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. His net worth is about $50.1 billion according to Forbes. He has been married 4 times before, he found love again with his beautiful girlfriend, Nikita Kahn, a Ukrainian model and occasional actress.

2) Brian Chesky & Elissa Patel – Air BnB

Elissa Patel, a pop-up gallery artist who lives in Los Angeles, met her Silicon Valley boyfriend on none other than the dating app -Tinder. Brian Chesky, the founder of Air BnB, has a net worth of $3.8 billion.

3) Joshua Kushner & Karlie Kloss – Venture Capitalist

Joshua Kushner, the younger brother of Jared Kushner (husband of the daughter of America’s President, Ivanka Trump). He is a co-founder of Oscar Health, an insurance company aimed at millennials. Joshua’s net worth is estimated around $1.5 billion. He is dating Victoria’s Secret Angel and current American fashion model Karlie Kloss.

4) Jan Koum & Evelina Mambetova – WhatsApp

The CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp, a mobile app that was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for $19 billion, Jan Koum is a Jewish Ukranian-American internet inventor and computer programmer. He fell in love with supermodel Evelina Mambetova.

5) Evan Spiegel & Miranda Kerr – Snapchat

The handsome nerd and co-founder & CEO of Snap, Inc., also known as Snapchat have all the reasons to attract hottest and beautiful models. His estimated net worth of $5.1 billion. He proposed Miranda Kerr Miranda in 2016 and are all set to marry.

6) William Knight & Emma Watson – Senior Manager At Medallia

William Knight “Tech/Entrepreneurship Enthusiast” and is a senior manager at Medallia Professional Services. Mack Knight is 35 years old and has an estimated net worth of about $150,000, and his girlfriend is none other than highest earning female actress of 2017, Emma Watson, who has a net worth of $70 million!

7) Jack Dorsey & Kate Greer – Co-Founder, Twitter

The co-founder of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey has a net worth about $1.67 billion. He is in a relationship with supermodel Kate Greer.

8) Elon Musk And Amber Heard – PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla

He is in his 40s and has six children. His net worth is an estimated $15 billion. He is currently in a relationship with Amber Heard.

9) Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan – Facebook

Founder of Facebook and world-known CEO, 33 years old Mark Zuckerberg worth an estimated $62.8 billion. His wife, Priscilla Chan, met Zuckerberg while studying biology at Harvard and has worked as an American pediatrician.

10) Kevin & Nicole Systrom – Instagram

Founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom is an American entrepreneur and programmer. He has an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion. Nicole was Kevin’s long-time girlfriend before marrying him and is reportedly back at Stanford as an MBA candidate.



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