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How An App Can Help You Avoid The Risk Of Unplanned Pregnancy

A virtual gift for the ones, who are not very keen to start their family, an application, namely DoT (Dynamic Optimal Timing) helps women to estimate the chances of getting pregnant for the day!!

The app was created based on data from several published studies. Dot has been available for about a year and is increasingly being used globally.

The data upon which Dot is based includes a detailed fertility analysis of about 1,000 women in six geographical and cultural diverse settings. The World Health Organisation provided most of the data, with additional data from clinical research in the US.

app avoid unwanted pregnancy

This app, if used correctly by women, establishes a chance of generating results which are 96-98% accurate. Recognising that each woman’s menstrual cycle can vary, the app allows for menstrual cycles that last as little as 20 days or as long as 40 days.

If fed with accurate data on a woman’s menstrual cycle, the app guarantees a very well planned schedule of the chances of a woman to get pregnant. The more the app is used – the more DoT understands you and the better are the chances of the app to generate accurate results.

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