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High Life How an oversensitive, pampered, Inferior Boy Grew up as a Courageous Young...

How an oversensitive, pampered, Inferior Boy Grew up as a Courageous Young “Entrepreneur” (Part 1)

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This is the story of a small, pampered, oversensitive boy named “Patrick”. Patrick was very pampered kid from the very beginning. He was always under protection of his mother, father and his elder sister. He was a studious kid who always used to be in top three rankers of his class. He was short, lean but cute (At least for his parents).

One day when Patrick was in 5th standard, this poor kid mistakenly got indulged in an argument with a bully of his class. From this day onwards Patrick’s life took a turn. That boy started to bully Patrick everywhere whether it was at school, on road or at coaching classes. One day Patrick found some boys elder to his age standing out side his coaching institute and when Patrick went out, they started to follow him, stopped him and threatened him that he would be beaten hard if he is found again on that road. Young Patrick was not a happy kid anymore. He was afraid of going out. He stopped going to coaching institute or play ground. This behavior brought his parent’s attention to the matter.


His mom tried to ask him the reason of his sadness several times but Patrick refused to tell. There were few sleepless nights for whole family because they could not bear their son to be sad and afraid of going out. Patrick had a different type of relation with his father, though they both used to interact less but still they had a great bond of understanding.

kid with his father

One day his father came to his room, sat on the bed, took him in his arms and asked him to tell the real reason behind his sadness. This was the time when Patrick could not stop his emotions and tears came out of his eyes and looking at his Dad he answered ” Dad I am afraid that if I go out then those boys will beat me with Bats and sticks”. The face of young Patrick was full of fear and tears were flowing out of his eyes while talking. After Calmly listening to Patrick, his Dad took him in his arms and asked him to look into his eyes and replied” My Son Do those people live on Moon that they can beat my child and get away safely”. While saying these lines his Dad was full of confidence and this was the first time when Patrick saw a super man in his Dad. Little Patrick was not afraid anymore because he knew that his super Dad is there to protect him. What happened next? Stay tuned to read the next part of the story.

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