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Remember The Deaf-Dumb Beggar Girl From Blockbuster Tere Naam? She is Quite Bold in Real Life!

It was in 2003 when Salman Khan again became India’s sensation after portraying a role die-hard lover in film Tere Naam. The actor played the role of Radhe Mohan in the film and his role is widely considered to be his finest performance till date. From his hairstyle to his dressing everything of Salman Khan was highly praised by the audience.

The characters of the film are still remembered. But do you remember the actress who played the role of a deaf-dumb beggar girl for whom Salman fights with goons at the railway station? Her name is Radhika Chaudhari. The girl had a small appearance in the film but she is yet remembered for her performance in the film.


To let you know, she is a famous South-Indian film actress. She has worked in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu film industries. But after 2004, she left the films and got vanished suddenly. She failed to impress the audience more with her acting skills so she chose to work as a director.





As a director, she did a short 17-minute short film ‘Orange Blossom’ and she was awarded the silver ace awards at the Los Vegas Film Festival.

 Radhika has featured in around 30 Indian films in multiple languages including in two high-profile films, Tere Naam and Khushi, winning critical acclaim for her various roles and songs.


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