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How Can You Get Rid Of Bad Breath And Smell Good All The Time

The first thing people notice about you is our face, then personality and then the way we talk ! Right it is a long process but when we converse with someone it is of great importance as when we speak, we do not just speak  ! We speak our thoughts, what we want to tell other people in an indirect way we are creating an image of ourselves in the mind of others.


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Just imagine you are talking to someone and your mouth stinks ! Ouch…nobody wants that to happen ever ! There are many causes of bad breath. The most common reason is poor oral hygiene and what you eat also matters. Once you get this problem there is a hard way back. It is hard to get rid of bad breath. But not impossible. There are many ways to get rid of bad breath. Some of these are very beneficial and show results fast.

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Here are the ways in which you can get rid of Bad Breath :

Brush And Floss More Than Once

Keeping your teeth in good condition

The plaque which builds up in your mouth creates bad breath as the trapped food is not healthy for your mouth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. And floss at leat once. While brushing your teeth do it softly.

Use A Mouthwash Afterward

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Besides brushing, you can use a mouthwash also as it freshens up your mouth. A mouthwash adds extra protection and is an effective way to get a cool and fresh breath.

What else you can do is rinse your mouth after every time you eat this way the root of bad breath will be targeted.

Brush Your Tongue


Mostly people do not brush their tongue ! Don’t know why as the brushing tongue is very important and it is the main reason for bad breath. You can use a tongue cleaner. According to Dr. Pamela L. Quinones, “They’re designed specifically to apply even pressure across the surface of the tongue area. This removes bacteria, food debris, and dead cells that brushing alone can’t take care of” in regard of tongue cleaners.

Keep Your Gums Healthy


Gum disease causes bad breath. Bacteria gather in pockets at the base of teeth, which creates an odor. So, keep your gums healthy and if still, it probes you then you should consult a doctor.

Reduce Coffee / Alcohol Intake

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The chemical found in these drinks cause the favorable environment of bad breath in your mouth. If you do not want to quit these drinks then make sure to rinse your mouth with water after drinking these drinks.

These are some different methods which can help you get rid of bad breath. Try working on this and hope to see results.

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