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High Life How Corona Virus Has Changed The Shopping Experience!

How Corona Virus Has Changed The Shopping Experience!

Ever since the corona epidemic started it has changed loads of things. It has changed not only the lifestyle of the people but also the shopping style. Now shopping means first wearing masks, changing the shelf of clothes and accessories, giving the bill digitally, and having a temperature check before entering any showroom.

Corona virus proved to be the world’s biggest epidemic in the last hundred years. There was a time before the epidemic when Shopping meant going to your favorite store and picking up what you liked, but now shopping means first wearing masks, changing clothes, sanitizing and luggage shelves, and digitilizing bills with temperature checkup and then entering any showroom. 

Well, we must say that there is always two sides to the coin. Because maybe now things will be better, safer and time will also be saved. Most countries in the world are preparing to open the lockdown a bit. In which malls, shopping centers are also being opened. A recent post shared a customer’s shopping experience after the coronavirus lockdown. A 23-year-old girl sharing her shopping experience said “I went to a showroom last week where I was told to wear a mask. Also, jeans and shirts were hung in two different places, so that you do not have to touch them. And all the trial rooms were closed. The payment was done through a glass divider and tore the bill’s receipt from the machine himself. On the entrance, there was sanitizer outside.

Let us tell you that Companies are working to secure and improve the shopping experience for their customers. Apple stores are checking the body temperature before every customer enters, while others are allowing its customers to come through an appointment. Brands such as Gap have also closed trial rooms. And branded Cosmetic store like Sephora is no longer allowing customers to try the product.

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