How Currencies Like Dollar, Rupee or Pounds Got Their Names?


We often discuss different currencies like Rupee, Dollar, Pound and Dinar. However, ever wonder how these currencies got their name or how they got originated? Let us tell you today how these different currencies in the world got their names.

1) Rupee

Countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles

Word Rupee is originated from Sanskrit word “Rupaya” which means Silver.

2) Pound

Countries: United Kingdom, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon

Word Pound is originated from a Latin word “Poundus” which means weight.

3) Dollar

Countries: USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Jamaica, Namibia, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Surinam, Belize, Brunei

Dollar is originated from a word “Thaler”. Thaler was a silver coin used in Europe 400 years ago.

4) Dinar

Countries: Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Serbia, Bahrain, Tunisia

The word Dinar is originated from Latin word “Denarius”. It was a silver coin used in ancient Rome.

5) Yen

Country: Japan

Yen is originated from a Chinese letter “¥” which means a round coin.

6) Riyal

Countries: Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia

Riyal is originated from a word “Regalis” which means Royal.

7) Peso

Countries: Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Columbia, Philipines, Cuba

Peso means weight, it is originated from the Spanish language.

8) Lira

Country: Turkey

Lira word is originated from Latin word “Libra” which means pound.

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