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How difficult is it to create your own website ?

How difficult is it to create your own website ?

Rimple Verma

Considering the impact the Internet has made on society and the speed it all happened with it is safe to assume that there is no going back. Almost every business or form of entertainment has an online establishment, if not even dominantly so. It has become so easy to make money online, whether as a side income or even as your main occupation, and the one most important thing you need in place to begin with is the actual site. 

But do you need to have the technical knowledge to create a website? Not necessarily. 

When it comes to creating a website from the very beginning, the biggest pro is that you are in full control of everything that goes on with the site. However, not many people have the time or the technical knowledge to do all the work required. Most often, this means a great recurring expense in order to cover salaries of people doing the job for you in-house. 

In comparison, using a content management system can be cheaper and in many cases, a more efficient option. In recent years, content management systems have become so popular and the competition between them so big, so that currently you have a wide variety of very high quality and easy friendly options to pick from. Take WordPress, for example,where you can find a detailed theme for literally every topic or industry and the best part of it is how easy most of those themes are to work with.You have additional plugins for all the extra features you need, and those widgets are just as easy to understand and navigate. It takes no knowledge other than being able to read and have a basic understanding of how Google search engines work (SEO) in order to get a good website up and get a decent online presence.

The guys behind, who are all technically capable and knowledgeable people in this field, offered us some insights into how their site was built. They used WordPress as their framework and CMS, together with They say using the biggest CMS in the world is a no-brainer, even for the tech-savvy seeing, as it is easy to use. It is also open source and has a huge community, which offers easy possibilities to find developers, plugins and it is one of the most SEO friendlies framework. It’s even easier for bloggers to work in the new editor since the major update of WordPress 5.0 and the release of the block builder Gutenberg. The founders behind do say they haven’t yet converted to the block editor. The old editor will officially be supported until December 31, 2021. The final words from the guys are dynamic data automatically fetched from the database, this is the future of WordPress and where we are heading. 

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