How Do Astronauts Use The Toilet In Space

In the zero-gravity of space, astronauts cannot even stand there. Now in such a situation, it is imperative to raise the question that when astronauts cannot stand on the ground and everything floats in zero gravity, then how would they use the toilet ?

In the beginning, even NASA did not pay attention to this question. Actually, in the early 60s, NASA was engaged in efforts to send humans to space. At that time he did not pay attention to how the astronauts would pee and potty. Alan Shepard, the first American to go to space, also had to pee in his pants on the launchpad. The reason was that the flight was only 15 minutes. The engineers did not get the idea that Alan Shepard might have to wait on the launch pad. After this NASA took the situation seriously. 

However, the arrangement that came later was only improvised. Astronauts had to use a special type of pouch to urinate. They were like condoms. However, they were not designed for women. Also, they used to leak. The Gemini mission of the 1960s was the first time NASA arranged a bowel movement in space. A special type of bag was tied behind the astronauts. But, this toilet was also not good for cleanliness and urine disposal, etc.

After this, when women also started going into space, the need for special arrangements of toilets was felt more. To prevent women astronauts from urinating during launch and on spacewalks, NASA created a disposable absorption container trunk, similar to bike shorts designed to absorb urine. Even after this, a few experiments were done, but all had problems. Most used to create difficulties for the astronauts.

Now there is a better system for astronauts

Astronauts use adult diapers during take-off and landing. Such diapers are also used during spacewalks. After use, they take them out and dispose of them in the storage area. 

At the same time, special toilets have now been built for the astronauts of the International Space Station. This toilet is completely handheld and foothold. Due to this, the astronaut does not have any problem sitting or standing. Just to use them, one has to sit comfortably by covering them. Then vacuum does all the work. He collects both feces and urine and collects them in separate tanks. Also, there is a special type of pipe for urination, which is like a vacuum pipe.

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