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How Do You Like Your Coffee? Beginner’s Guide To Coffee

How Do You Like Your Coffee? Beginner’s Guide To Coffee


I personally cannot ever differentiate between a latte ,cappucino or an espresso and hence I tend to make a fool of myself whenever I go on a coffee date with friends.If you are like me, here’s a quick guide on how to order the right coffee for yourself.

The type of coffee you order also tells the type of person you are.Read on to know more !

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These are the major types of coffee you can usually order –


Espresso shot

It is a mixture of finely ground coffee beans and boiling water.It provides the base for other drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte , caffe mocha and cafe americano.Espresso also has the highest caffiene per unit volume.

If you drink Espresso , you’re probably a no-nonsense and straightforward person.



It’s the traditional morning heart starter.It is made from a mixture of Espresso and steamed milk or hot milk foam.It may be topped with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

If you are a fan of cappuccino chances are you are a controlling and obsessive person.



This is a mixture of Espresso and steamed milk.It’s pretty similar to Cappucino, the amount of milk is what makes them different.Latte has More milk or cream content than a Cappuccino.

Latte drinkers tend to be eager to please people.


chocolately mocha

Also called Mocaccino , is a chocolate variant of Latte.It is a mix of espresso , hot milk with added chocolate in the form of either syrup or chocolate powder.

Mocha drinkers on the other hand were found to be socially bold.


Frappe Cups
chilled frappe

Frappe is made from instant coffee .It has a lot of foam and is blended with ice.Thats why we also know it by more casual name, “cold coffee”.It comes in many flavours and toppings.

Frappe lovers are seen to be young at heart and a little reckless.

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Next time order coffee like a bad ass!

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