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High Life How Does It Feel Like to be a Hindu in Pakistan

How Does It Feel Like to be a Hindu in Pakistan

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Before partition, some people decided to live in Pakistan but they had never thought of it that their next generations had to pay for this. Apart from being peaceful, non-violent and educated people they never called Hindus as Pakistani and got targeted in many areas of Pakistan.

An experience of a Pakistani Hindu,

When I was in school, they supposed to recite “Kuraan” during the initial hours of school. Teachers used to order us to recite the Kuraan the same way Muslim students do. At that time I never knew that it was against our rights. When I went to the college, we had a compulsory subject named “Islamiyat” and teachers used to call us “Kaafir” a sinner. They taught us that Islam is only the mature religion of this world. I didn’t have an easy journey to recall from my school to university. People there always made me remember that your religion is nothing more than a stupidity and you are going to hell! Classmates and teachers always forced me to adopt Islam for my well being. They made fun of us and our religion.

Miserable conditions of pakistani hindu

The biggest problem of living in Pakistan is Blasphemy. Only Muslims have rights to defame other religions if someone else from some other religion does that, he will be stoned to death. The serious issue to be concerned is about Hindu females. They use to kidnapped and married forcefully to adopt Islam and then sold to the third party. No one raises his voice against this brutal sin so does the elected leaders and if a Hindu boy falls in love with a Muslim girl then his family will be murdered.

I remember one incident, a Hindu boy fell in love with a Muslim girl and when her family got to know about that, they murdered the whole family of the boy, took him to the Sukkur city of Sindh and burnt him alive. So cruel and disgusting!

We are a part of a nation where it is just mentioned in the constitution that we have equal rights but the reality is way far different from it. When government itself refuses to call us Hindu then how can we expect to think of a great future here?

 However, I am a Pakistani from my heart and “I Love Pakistan”. I always support Pakistani cricket team, especially like those matches where Pakistan beat India. I feel happy when a Pakistani make us proud on International levels. I use to argue with the people who say anything wrong about my country but sadly I don’t like the way we get treated here.

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