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High Life How Each Zodiac Handles Breakup..........

How Each Zodiac Handles Breakup……….

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Here it is, which zodiac sign do you belong to. Go on and check how will you or you probably till now have acted after a breakup. Our destinies are already decided by our ruling zodiac signs. Lets look at how 12 zodiac come upon after a breakup.


# ARIES – 


In the middle of breakup an Aries can simply go mental and in flood of tears. They try to set up a loop and behave as there Ex do not exists.



8785933_origWhen come in dealing to a breakup Taurus feel very broken and scattered. They may go under anger, grieve etc for their reconciliation.



Zodiac-sign-Gemini-josh-shirohige1939-32750770-1024-768They are just unpredictable, they may shift all of their concentration towards work in order to deal up with there breakup



cancer.zodiaca Cancer starts to nag, emotionally blackmail and could even become stalker, they may go posting it like zombies.


# LEO – 

Leo-Zodiacthey just keep a hope against hope and think that their partner will come back almost immediately. They think they are best of the best. When their ex don’t come back they throw tantrums.



virgo-zodiac-sign-hd-wallpapers-5-AMBthey are practical Virgo try to keep the love intact. Because they might not know how to let go anyone. After a break up they take a long while to almost completely trust anyone further.



libra2they want every thing perfect. In a breakup they may try to turn a table towards them by saying that it was in their best interest where as it is opposite to it. They will easily move on.



scorpio-sunsignNo breakup is easy for a Scorpio. Their judgment is covered by frustration anger and aggression. They will also clock revenge in their head.



SagitariusIt is a free spirited individual, however if their partner become boring they head towards finding for a new one.



capricorn_wallpaper_freeA Capricorn will first try to talk it out logically, but if cheated or double crossed they will  be thrown out over night.



Aquarius-horoscope-2013They will almost do anything to keep their relationship intact. But if they want out they will manipulate there partner into initiating the breakup. They will never let anyone see their negative side.



hd-wallpaper-zodiac-pisces-hda Pieces can get really sulky and cranky they may get rid of every single remembrance of their ex to over come their breakup.

Though heart breaks are common, but one thing you need to take care of is that Love is just a part of life, not heart of life. Keep smiling and spread love and happiness.

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