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How Kapil Sharma Changed His Entire Look And Who Is The Inspiration Behind His Comedy Show

Kapil Sharma is the most loved comedian of all times, How he has transformed himself is surely amazing. How Kapil looks now is entirely different, the way he used to look earlier. How he transformed himself is a mystery. But recently Kapil Sharma shared how he lost kgs with the help of Sonu Sood.

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Kapil Sharma Morning Regime

Kapil wakes up at 6 am and then goes for cycling for almost an hour. Then he does 10 minutes of Cardio which is followed by 20 minutes of free weights.


Kapil Sharma eats bread and omelet for breakfast  and boiled celery or broccoli in lunch. In dinner,  he goes for salad or boiled brown rice.

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This is the whole diet chart of Kapil Sharma. But wait there is more do you know the inspiration behind Kapil comedy ? Kapil in an interview said that he was truly inspired by a British television show “ The Kumar’s At 42″, which is also a hosting show kind of similar to Kapil Sharam concept of ‘Daadi” or ‘Bua”. This is the show Kapil got inspiration from and basically learned his comic timing.

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