When we are nearing our 30’s all of us have to face the pressure from our parents to get married, because according to them getting married is one of the most important things in our life, and that will make us more responsible, calculative and focused. All that is absolutely true, but we would like you to know about some of the hilarious facts that will make your life change after marriage.

  1. The Cute Cat turns Ferocious

The submissive gal whom you liked for her sweet, innocent voice will turn out to be a ferocious cat, who is always ready to attack you for mistakes (that you think is silly and not even worth talking about). Be prepared, that gal around you is preparing to change your life after marriage.


2. Overloaded Refrigerator

Being single you mostly prefer to eat out at restaurants or at some friends’ place, and never feel the need to buy grocery for your own house. But make sure you buy a big and spacious refrigerator for your wife coz she will get home almost the entire grocery store at home, and change your lifestyle after marriage.


3. Back home from work

Before marriage, we have ample time in the evening to spend with friends and do whatever we do, roam around, catch up with old friends, shopping, watch movies etc. but after marriage, your life changes as it will be all about getting the household stuff, and playing with your kids at home or taking them to parks and malls.


4. Relax! You don’t need to multitask

Being single, one has to manage all the things alone, from washing clothes, cooking meals to washing utensils, etc. but don’t worry, after marriage you have your spouse to make things easy for you and change your life beautifully.


5. Organized Wardrobe

Till now you have had all your clothes messed up in the almirah and some even thrown on the floor but if you dream of a well organized and maintained wardrobe, you just have to marry a cleanliness freak gal coz they are mostly very particular about keeping their wardrobe organized, which will bring a beautiful change in your life after marriage.

96. Toiletries

Right now, you think that buying a shampoo or a facewash (at max) is all that you need for yourself, but after marriage, your wife will introduce you to a new world of things placed in your bathroom, of which you never even thought of.


7. Fun ride on the trolley

How cute and funny it is to make your girlfriend sit in the trolley at the shopping mall and enjoy, but after marriage, sooner or later that space, currently occupied by your beloved will be taken by your sweet adorable kids.


8. Changes in your sleeping positions

Cuddling with each other is the best thing in the world for every romantic couple, but wait, this beautiful sleeping pose is going to change after marriage, when you have your kids or pets wanting more attention and love from you, than your life partner.


9. From backpack trip to an overburdened car

As soon as we realize a weekend approaching, we are very quick to plan a backpacking trip which makes it easy to travel and enjoy. But giving you a sneak peek at your life after marriage  traveling won’t be that easy.


So, getting married is not that serious stuff actually. Take a chill pill and enjoy the hilarious and never-thought-of changes that marriage will bring in your life.

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