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High Life How Meditation Affects Your Body and Soul ?

How Meditation Affects Your Body and Soul ?

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Stress can cause the body and mind to go through some strange things. You are suddenly pulling away from family and friends, you can’t seem to focus on anything with clarity, your blood pressure is rising and you are either too stressed to properly eat because of your stomach is in knots or you are comforting yourself with all the processed food combined with sugar that you can get your hands on. That is why it is important to combat stress whenever and wherever you can with whatever means necessary.

A lot of people are turning to meditation to combat their stress levels and there is definitely a reason for that. It is because meditation involves you and only you, getting in touch with your inner self, reconnecting with him or her and making positive steps in relieving all the tension from your body.

Meditation has been practiced as a form of stress relief, mind control and complete soul cleansing for centuries and centuries. A form of meditation can be found in ancient civilizations and modern society and it is because of the benefits it brings not only to the body but also to the soul.

How It Affects the Body ?

There have been a number of studies done on meditation, both in clinical and non-clinical settings, and the results all point to the same thing. Meditation is good for the mind and the soul, but it is also extremely good for the body.

During meditation and for a period of time afterwards; the body is released from all tension and stress, allowing the muscles to regenerate and heal from strain. The heart rate slows to a normal level while blood pressure lowers to match. The immune system gets a boost and even your metabolism gets a little push neutralize fats and carbs.

It can also lower the levels of fatigue that a person experiences which in turn increases energy so that you have no problem tackling that big project or kicking that workouts rear end!

How It Affects the Soul ?

Meditation is the process of relaxing the mind, clearing the tension and worry from the body and learning how to reconnect with your inner self. This reconnection leads to a better understanding of who you are as a person and how you can turn the most negative experiences into a learning one. It reduces anxiety and fatigue in the body so that the mind and soul is able to connect with each other once again while providing much needed energy bursts!

It heals the soul from old wounds and teaches you a better sense of focus for the world. You will be able to draw on these skills in numerous areas of your life – work, home, personal relationships, etc. which will allow you to form a deeper connection with the people you are in constant contact with.

Positive and solid social interactions, combined with a greater focus and memory recall? That’s good for the soul.

How to Set Up a Room for Meditation ?

One of the most important steps in starting and maintaining a meditation routine is the setup. You want a quiet room with adjustable lighting and a comfortable place to sit. The room should be free from distractions and it shouldn’t see a lot of foot traffic that can disrupt your routine. The lights should be dimmer that normal and should be only bright enough to see the objects into the room for safety reasons.

You want to be comfortable during your meditation routine, whether that is laid out flat on a bed or sitting in a cozy, plush pile of cushions on the floor. Whatever is the best for you to fill the solidness of the objects against your back and the breath in your lungs.

You might also want to think about an essential oil diffuser that will lightly coat the air with a soft, relaxing scent. To find out the best ones and even ones that can be used in large spaces (in case your quiet room is in the basement or the garage); check out Better Mind Body Soul.


Why spend your days being stressed and upset because you are unable to focus or connect with people anymore? Wouldn’t you rather learn a meditation routine, throw some curtains up to the window and light some candles to soothe your battered soul? Meditation can also, as previously mentioned, give you a burst of energy and positive vibes; making that workout seem less like a chore and more like a task you know you are going to conquer.

Take your time and do your research before jumping into a meditation routine. Use your time wisely and consider multiple routines or combining the parts of routines that seem the most beneficial to you. If they don’t work? Then try another or combine another set of elements to make a customized routine that will soothe the soul and energize the body.

After all, we only get one life to live, so why not make it the best you possibly can?

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