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Entertainment Bollywood Celebrities Charge This Much For a ‘Few Minutes’ Performance at Weddings

Bollywood Celebrities Charge This Much For a ‘Few Minutes’ Performance at Weddings

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Who doesn’t want to see actress Katrina Kaif dancing at their wedding? The wedding will be rememberable for a lifetime. For the richest families of the country, it is not a thing to give a second thought. Bollywood stars get paid in crores for their films, however, it is not always the movies that bring handsome money in their homes. Sometimes it is also that 2-minute dance performance they give at wedding functions that count. From Katrina Kaif to Shah Rukh Khan check out how much top stars of Bollywood charge to give a few minutes performance at weddings.

1) Katrina Kaif

Starting from the hot diva of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif, the beauty from London charges Rs 2.5 crores for her every performance in the wedding.

2) Priyanka Chopra

The Bollywood turned Hollywood diva also earn in crore at wedding performances.

3) Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan earn whopping 3 crore rupees in wedding function performances.

4) Malaika Arora

5) Ranveer Singh

The handsome hunk with not so good dressing sense even manages to make Rupees 1 crore at the wedding function performance.

6) Ranbir Kapoor

7) Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi Kumar lags no behind in making the whopping amount of cash in his wallet by wedding function performances.

8) Sonakshi Sinha

9) Sunny Leone

10) Hrithik Roshan

The desi Greek God and dance heartthrob too make in crores.


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