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How Much Does Pizza Companies Earn By Every Single Pizza That You Eat

I am barely friends with someone who doesn’t like eating a hot, cheesy pizza. And I bet a whole lot number of people loves eating them too.

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Have you ever wondered how much famous pizza making companies like Domino’s and Pizza Hut earn by selling pizzas. Ok that might be some digits you would not be able to digest easily just like their hot pizzas. So forget about the net worth of these multi-million enterprises. Just think about the profit these companies earn every single time you eat a pizza.

Let’s calculate practically for a medium size Margarita pizza!

P.S: All are assumptions on average basis :

  1. Flour for base: 15Rs
  2. cost to prepare base(fuel charge): 15 Rs
  3. Cheese: 50 Rs
  4. Sauces: 20 Rs
  5. Pay to labour: 20 Rs per Pizza
  6. transport charge for raw materials: 20 Rs per Pizza
  7. Oregano and chilly flakes and tomato sauce: 10Rs
  8. Money to maintain any outlet (electricity + cleanliness): 15Rs

So, 15+15+50+20+20+10+20+15= 165Rs

profit over every single pizz

Let’s consider final amount 190 around. And the price of Medium Size margarita in Dominoz(without any extra adding such as double cheese or cheese burst)is 265 Rs excluding taxes. So 80 Rs per margarita pizza. The profit margin increases with increase in topping.


So finally you got to know that you give around 80 rupees just as a plain profit every time you eat a medium sized Margarita pizza.

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