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High Life How Mumbai is Shaping the Online Sex Toy Industry

How Mumbai is Shaping the Online Sex Toy Industry

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As the most populous city in India, it should come as no surprise that they are changing the way people think about sex toys in India.

Mumbai is arguably one of the most influential cities in India. Formally known as Bombay, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t at least heard of the megatropolis. In 2008, it was named an alpha world city, giving them a prestigious spot on a world roster denoting the top ten most influential cities of that year, so it shouldn’t really come as big news that the city has a large influence on many important functionalities of the country, and the world.

However, a few heads are turning as Mumbai is now influencing how the people of India, as well as those from other countries, are purchasing sex toys. Adult lifestyle products, sex toys, adult wellness, naughty gadgets – whatever you’d like to call them, are becoming one of the most popular e-commerce niches in the country. India isn’t the only country to have it’s private proclivities either. Trend in adult wellness items have been on an upward trajectory throughout recent years. Many popular online adult retailers have released info describing buying habits of their consumers, and have come up with some fascinating data.

In an article series depicting just that,Adult Products India, an online purveyor of sex toys in India, released the purchase patterns of their customers in all of the major cities that house their varied clientele. With Mumbai being one of the company’s most popular cities. “What people are purchasing, and their associated demographics can give a clear idea of who is interested in our products, as well as how the country is feeling about their personal sexuality. We have seen that people are interested in furthering their own sexual empowerment and that there is a sincere interest in exploring desire.” A spokesperson for the company says.

Sex Toys in India

The market for sex toys in India, prior to the advent of online shopping options, was harried at best. Because of archaic obscenity laws, it was impossible for the average citizen to walk down to their local Castle MegaStore and purchase products designed to enhance their own sexual experiences. Leaving citizens to deal with under-counter trades, questionable quality of merchandise, or even face legal complications.

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Internet savvy retailers were able to skirt the outdated and largely oppressive legislature by confining their products to sites that were only accessible to patrons age 18 years and older, as well as not publicly showcasing images of erotica. Products are also able to be discreetly packaged, as can the records of payment. Making it simple for customers to keep their purchases and products, private. Many of the larger online stores also offer customer service chat and talk options, where you can speak to a representative at any time should you have any questions.

“We really want to encourage our customers to ask questions.” Says Adult Products India. “We understand that because our products aren’t exactly mainstream, people may have questions on what types of products would be best for them, or how to use the products they’re interested in. Not only that, but improving communication about our products, and continuing to engage in conversations will hopefully serve to break down any negative stigma that surrounds sex toys and adult products.”

Popularity of Toys

So what are Mumbai’s favorite sex toys? “We were actually really pleasantly surprised to find a real mix of solo and couples play products in the top ten most frequently purchased items. This tells us that people are beginning to explore their desires with partners, and we think that’s a really great thing.” While sex dolls and male masturbators still dominate the top slots, vibrators and condom sleeves have made the list as well. Showing that not only are couples beginning to become more comfortable using intimate enhancements, but women are as well.

India is still largely a conservative and male-dominated culture, so sex toys that are more female and couple minded give the impression that women are starting to find their voices when it comes to sex. “That there has been a notable a shift in cultural attitudes. That couples nationwide are becoming more comfortable with sexuality. That women are starting to become more comfortable with their own bodies and needs. It’s inspiring.” The company reports that their collected data also suggests that even members of the senior community are beginning to purchase more of their inventory.

“Essentially, what we are seeing is that more men, more women, and a broader spectrum of ages purchasing our products. To us, that means that more people are becoming liberated. We love that as an Indian company, we can help encourage that liberation while experiencing it ourselves.”

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