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News How Osama Bin Laden Got Idea to Attack World Trade Center?

How Osama Bin Laden Got Idea to Attack World Trade Center?

The mysterious life and death of most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden are very interesting to explore. His last night on the Earth is in news again. His wifeAmall Bin Laden revealed the truth about 2 May’s night for the first time. She described the last night of Osama in a book named “The Exile” by Cathy Scott Clark and Andrin Levi.
To let you remind after the terror attack on World Trade Center, USA Laden became the most wanted terrorist. After that on May 2, 2011, he was killed by the American SEAL commandos. According to The Jerusalem Post, in the year 1999, a pilot named Gameel Al-Batouti, suspected of deliberately crashing Flight 990 of Air Egypt into the ocean. This plan was going from Los Angeles to Cairo. In this crash, 217 passengers were killed including pilots, out of them 100 were Americans.
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Osama bin laden when heard about this air crash, he got the idea to use the airplane for a terror attack. He started planning towards it and after two years, in 2001, hijacked 4 planes for the biggest terror attack.

An article was published about the Gameel in Al-Qaeda’s weekly magazine Al-Masrah. According to it, 59 years old Gameel was a trained and experienced pilot. On 31 October 1999, he took the plane off from Los Angeles to Cairo. From the very beginning, it was speculating that air crash was a terror attack, however, after that, it was revealed that Gameel was annoyed and upset with his company and in his anger he deliberately crashed the flight into the ocean.

In 9/11 terror attack, 3000 people from 57 countries were killed. Four planes were hijacked to accomplish this terror attack. Two of them attacked World Trade Center and the third was used to attack Pentagon. The fourth plane crashed into a field as passengers attempted to subdue the hijackers.


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