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Cute Little Parle-G Baby Girl Has Now Become a 63 Years Old Woman, See Surprising Photos!

Parle-G is a household name in India. The biscuit brand can give competition to newer brands even today. This biscuit is indeed a beautiful childhood memory of most of us! Parle-G was established in the year 1929 and it is one of the largest selling biscuits in the world. The light and simple biscuits have the crisp that becomes even tastier when taking with the tea.

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The packaging might have changed with time but the adorable Parle G girl still smiles on the covers. Have you ever wondered who this girl is? This girl is named Neeru Deshpande. She was only 4 years old when her photo was clicked for the brand.

This photo was clicked by her father and it caught the attention of the makers of Parle G who decided to put it on their packaging. Neeru Deshpande has become 63 years old now. See the photos to see the shocking transformation with age or time.

However, also to let you know, according to the product manager of Parle G, Mayank Shah, the girl on the packaging doesn’t exist in real life. It is an illustration made by Everest Creatives back in the 60s. But other theories revealed it is actually Neeru Deshpande.

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