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How Shah Rukh Khan helped Karam Batth to start Kaur Singh’s biopic?

V. B. Jain



It was in the month of December 2 years back, when the newsof everyone got to know about the struggle of boxing legend Kaur Singh and hisfight to pay the medical bills were highlighted. Although no one came forth tohelp the known boxing face of the country until the King Khan of Bollywood –Shah Rukh Khan – came forward to extend his support to the award-winningsportsman.

In order to help Kaur with his medical expenses, Shah RukhKhan gave him Rs. 5 lakh. That kind gesture by the superstar in no time gaveKaram Batth an idea to bring Kaur’s story to the fore and make a biopic on him,titled ‘Padma Shri Kaur Singh’, will observe Batth, as the producer as well asthe protagonist.

Talking about the film, Karam said: “When I first got toknow about Kaur Singh and his achievements (in December 2017), he wasundergoing post-operation treatment in Mohali. His poor financial conditionsand inability to meet the medical expenses came as a shock for me. The pitiablecondition of the Arjuna awardee also moved the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khanso much so that he gave him an amount of 5 lakh rupees through his team KolkataKnight Riders.”

“After listening to the news, I was sure about my decisionof choosing this story for my film. I was confident that people deserve to knowabout the struggles and life of this legend,” added Batth.

Karam Batth and Slay Records’ project titled ‘Padma Shri KaurSingh’ has been shot in various parts of Punjab. The film, which is directed byVikram Pradhan will hit the theatres in early 2020.