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High Life How Should A Man Choose The Correct Type Of Undergarment For Their...

How Should A Man Choose The Correct Type Of Undergarment For Their Body Type

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We get up, brush our teeth, take a bath and then what? Obviously, we put on our underwears and clothes  and go to work. Right? But today we are talking about men’s undergarments! To be fair guys do not know much about what are the various and the best type of undergarment which will be suitable for their body. Yes! The size matters so whenever you are buying undergarments for yourself feel free and honest to yourself. You should know about your body type very well.

 Briefs   ( Best for – men with larger thighs )


There is a reason that Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham wear briefs! As they are the best choice for men with huge thighs. Briefs are also good for shorter boys as they expose your legs and makes you look taller.

Boxers ( Best for – Maximum Breathability )


Boxers are loose-fitting underwear with  no support. But they give you more breathability than any other garment. Almost every boxer short have an open fly, allowing the user an exit route with maximum ease.

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They are great for wearing regularly and even if you want to play a sport in them you can! So, they are super easy.  Boxers are available in may kinds from trendy to slim-fit cuts.

Boxer – Briefs  ( Best For – Taller Men )


Boxer – Brief are a combination of Boxer and Brief. Since the new style comings for men. This has become a “to go” style for men. This offers you protection and support. You can wear them with anything! You can wear them to the gym or can pair them with your denim.

Trunks /Hipsters ( Best For gym going guys or slimmer guys )


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Trunks are a shorter version of a boxer- briefs. They are great for casual outings. This style also usually has a lower waistline than its boxer-brief counterpart, meaning that they sit lower on the hips.

So, when next time you go shopping make sure to keep everything and point in your mind. We hope these tips proved to be beneficial for you.

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