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High Life How smart are we in 21st Century ?                   

How smart are we in 21st Century ?                   

Where did learning start?

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The process of learning started with the origin of human life. We learned to walk, to eat and to survive. It has been a long journey ever since but the moto has been the same, survival. Earlier learning was a slow process, and people had limited resources to learn from. Even availability of books was an issue and only the privileged ones got the opportunity to learn. But the world has taken a turn. People are now bombarded with knowledge every day. And books are just one of the other things to learn from. With the advent of the internet, the world has moved from just learning to smart learning techniques.

                        What is this smart learning?

Earlier smart learning were just some strategies, but now there are endless ways of learning smart. One of the most efficient ways of learning is E-learning. With the availability of easy internet access, learning has become much, much, much easier. If you think the internet is bound just to the social media, here is one new thing you are going to learn today.


                        What is E-learning?

Anything you learn over an electronic device can be considered as E-learning. If you have the access to the internet, unless you want data from NASA or such organizations, Google is your key. Let’s move out of our social media for once and see how otherwise the internet can change our lives.

Search Engines: I think search engine was the best invention ever. It has made my life so much easier. I’ll tell you how, no genius talk, I swear. Have you ever been in the middle of an interesting conversation about a movie and suddenly forgotten a character’s name? Who hasn’t, right? So, earlier we would stress our brain out unless we would/could remember the name. But now it’s easy, just type the name of the movie and this search engine provides you with the names of the character present in the movie, it’s that easy. Search Engines can literally find out any fact nowadays and also validate you of the ones you know. It is literally a web. Way bigger than a spider can track. Getting information is one of the most important parts of learning and engines like google and yahoo have made it easier.

YouTube: Most people have a really wrong notion about YouTube. As a kid, my mom never allowed me to stream through YouTube but now YouTube is my saviour. Starting with, I am an engineer and I sometimes miss a few morning classes (not your thing to learn), but honestly, just type in your subject, you’ll feel like you’re in the classroom all over again. Now, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to miss classes but for some misunderstood concepts, YouTube is where you need to be. Different education-based channels are being introduced every day with endless subjects being taught. There are channels which provide courses for different exams including JEE, OJEE 2018, WBJEE, CAT, XAT, CLAT, AIIMS and so many other international and national exams. Some channels provide videos with visual learning experiences which are even more helpful to clear out concepts. You could be studying medicines and still learn how to code from YouTube. So apart from watching your favourite YouTuber sing or dance or prank others, you can learn a great deal on YouTube.

MOOC: For all of you who have no idea what this is, MOOC is Massive Open Online Course. It is a platform where students can learn almost any course online. Most sites provide free access for their users but pay for the courses. Some examples of MOOCs are Byus and Udemy. Nonetheless, learning is no more about just going to school, you can just sit at home and learn almost anything you want to. It is the will it takes to start learning and with all these new technologies coming up, it is nothing but easy.

Smart classes:  Smart classes have become the thing of the generation for smart classroom learning. Apart from what we can do at home, we should encourage schools and colleges to adopt smart classroom learnings. It has been proven that students learn better if provided with more visual ideas of the same concept.  Upcoming schools have classrooms equipped with smart technology for better. Colleges like Amity University, CGC Landran, Xavier’s and hundreds of other institutes have begun teaching with smart classrooms for better productivity.

Learning in this generation is not limited to just classrooms. People have multiple Ph.Ds. in subjects of different fields. Learning is just a difficult idea but the process has become easier over the time. Trying to push one’s limit is the sources reason why people have reached from learning to lite a fire to launching a rocket to Mars. Open yourself to good learning opportunities, success is just another thing you get with the package.

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