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High Life How The Human World Will Look In 1,000 Years?

How The Human World Will Look In 1,000 Years?

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If we look back in the history, the human has changed in so many forms. The changes not only took place physically but the feelings of the people has also changed.

So here are some changes which will take place in the coming 1,000 years:

Our eyes may be red and bigger

human after 1,000 years

Eyes can be red of a worker who works for many hours continuously and it would bigger due to the ability to control the human genome.

We’ll have more tan

human world after 1,000 years

Future generation will going to have much darker skin due to global warming. As it will be warmer, people will spend more time outdoor which will cause more tanning.

Our brains will be larger

in the coming 1,000 years brains will be larger

Thousand of years ago climate changes coincided with the human brain and skull resulting in tripling its size. Same can happen in the coming thousand years.

We’ll have bionic body parts

bionic body parts in future

Bionic means having electromagnetic and artificial body parts. Though this is oftenly related to robots and machines but one would see it in humans also.

Nanobots will help fight diseases

nanobots will fight diseases in coming years

Nanobots are small, self-propelled diseases that are designed to fight diseases. The idea is still in the mode of development but it is aid to fight even deadly diseases like cancer.

We can modify genes of our babies

modifying genes possible in future

Artificial selections have been done on animals and plants. Recently this method is tested to modify the baby’s genes even before they are born. The best part would be that we could eliminate diseases.

We will be smarter

humans will be smarter in 1,000 years

While there is no evidence that human will be smarter in thecoming years but surely we will be modern.

Sex life will be different

decreased sex urge in coming years

Theories say that some men in the future will have small genitals and some will have large genitals. Some says that we will have decreased sex urge.

There is no damn surity about these changes but studies have predicted. You may not need to worry as it might take around 1,000 years.

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