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High Life How To Avoid Getting Sick When The Weather Starts Changing

How To Avoid Getting Sick When The Weather Starts Changing

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The change of season from summer to winter and so on can make a person with low immunity sick. Sometimes our body can not adapt to changing season and temperature. We have to push ourselves to get up and do work even when we do not want too ! That is the only misery of changing seasons.

One should know their body as to how your body is going to react to something or season changes. Basically, any sickness shows sign first you just need to read your body warning signals. There are some things which one should stop doing before the season hit off and make you fall sick.

How can you prevent yourself from the change of seasons ?

Decrease Your Sugar Intake


Sugar depletes our immune system. Eating too much sugar is not at all healthy for you. Especially when you are sick do not even touch sugar. Sugar takes away precious nutrients from your body and makes it defenceless. It depletes all the good bacteria also.

Start Sleeping More


When you are sick the most important thing you need is sleep ! Studies prove when we are sick we need more sleep to let our body repair itself and so that it can get ready to fight with all the sickness. During sickness, the least time to sleep should be 8 hours.

Add Natural Medicine To Your Diet

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By natural medicines we mean add Ginger, Garlic, and Onion to your daily diet. These foods have amazing immune boosting properties. You can add them in your tea, soup, salad and basically in whatever you eat. You can chop them into pieces and add boiling hot water, drinking as a medicinal tea.

Wash Your Hands Frequently !!

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It is very important to wash your hands before and after eating your food but it becomes even more important when you are sick !  Washing your hands every time before eating can prevent you from falling sick and plus it is a good habit.

Do Not Show Off

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When the season starts changing start wearing layers of clothes according to your tolerance. Do not show off ! Wear even a sweater or jacket if you feel cold. This way you can stay protected from cold breeze.

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