High Life How to become a Counselor ?? Counselor Degrees & Careers

How to become a Counselor ?? Counselor Degrees & Careers

Career planning is the most important step which helps to decide your future. Some individuals may want to become a counselor but most of them are unaware of this degree course. In this article, you will know how to become a counselor and how you can get best online Counseling degree from the top colleges.

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The work of counselor does not depend on any particular age groups. General work of counselor includes family support, relationship problems, guiding adolescents and especially helping young generations to decide about their education or career growth. Sometimes it can be risky dealing with emotional and violent patients.

Counselors should have good communication skills with listening power to develop a relationship with different types of people. They also need organizational skills to maintain records. The annual salary of mental health counselor is $41,880.

Earning a Bachelor degree

To become a counselor, you need to complete your major in subjects like psychology, education or social work. You can also search for best online Graduate Certificate Degrees where you can get a various list of programs and courses. You will learn abnormal psychology, the psychology of adolescence, personality psychology etc. You will also be assigned to different assignments and coursework. Internships are also required to be completed during the entire course. It will help you to gain experience and will help to prepare in the field of counseling. When applying to college you can try to get in touch with professionals to write letter of recommendations.

Earning a master degree

Earning a master’s degree is important for an individual to become a counselor. The course generally depends on the career objectives. Fieldworks and clinical practices are always required in this type of course and each degree leads to a different professional title.

Always look for an accredited online college because it will help to get jobs easily. Programs like social work helps students to become licensed clinical social workers. Graduates can become mental health counselors if they pursue masters of arts in counseling. Programs also help to become licensed family therapists.

Provisional Licensure

To become fully licensed counselor graduates must have some clinical experiences. With a provisional license, one can conduct clinical work under the supervision of a qualified licensed counselor. This license often expires after a period of time i.e. counselor should apply for full licensure.

Complete work experience

It takes at least two years to complete work experience and requires 1,500 to 4,000 hours. Many times, like school counselor, does not need to complete this above step and can become counselor directly after his graduation. After completing degree course and work experience should check their state requirements for structuring the documents. If you fail to follow state rules then it can cause a delay in obtaining full Licensure.

Doctoral degree

It is always an important degree to enter the field on a professional level. It will help you to increase your salary as well as to gain more knowledge. More career opportunities are opened in this field for various sectors. Those who want to pursue an administrative position in educational council can go for this degree. Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Psychology are the two other degrees available in counseling. Both are useful for the depth research teachings and counseling.

As the number of students and families, are increasing the needs for counselor are in high demand. They require more skills than others and should be able to understand human psychology. I hope this article helped you to know about counselors and how to earn this degree.

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