How To Build A Self Confidence, Complete Guidance !

In this era of cut-throat competition, people are comparing themselves with others and dealing with lack of confidence. The comparison is not the solution at all, it is best to understand that you are the only one and unique. Don’t run behind perfectionism because nobody is perfect here even the moon has spots too. So, accept yourself and be confident with applying following points in life.

1)Avoid Negative Thoughts As Well As Naysayers

You will meet many people who will criticize you and will say that you can’t do this. I am pretty sure that you all have met those type of people but people barely avoid them. Remember, these type of people will only bring negativity into your life. So, just ignore them and their words too and don’t let those negative thoughts stop you. Instead of believing those naysayers, believe in yourself and be successful.

2)Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Accept that you are the only one and nobody can be like you. Dont compare your life with others especially by watching their social media profiles. Remember, people only post what they want to show, it doesn’t mean they are always happy. Ups and downs are the part of life and everyone goes through it.


3) Take Care of Yourself

Consider yourself as first priority and always take care of your health. Take care of your grooming. Always maintain a habit of exercise. Moreover, don’t forget to take a balanced diet. Always eat healthy and tasty food. Take care of your clothes and appearance too. but it doesn’t mean that you have to look like a celebrity but you have to look well-dressed and tidy.

4) Mirror Therapy

Look into the mirror and you will your competition. Remeber, only you are your competition. Just try to look little good than yesterday, try to do little hard than yesterday and these all efforts will pay you back at the end. Moreover, smiling by watching yourself in mirror increases the confidence and make you accept yourself as the way you are.

5)Accept Compliments

If someone is giving a compliment, the people who have lack of confidence always think that the person is lying or either mistake. But there’s nothing like that. Just accept the compliment with a smile on your face and say thanks. Because you know you worth it.

6)Avoid Perfectionism

Ohh!nobody is perfect there. So, why you are running behind perfectionism. In fact, you are perfect the way you are. Just accept your flaws but remember there is a plethora of qualities ion you. So, why you are worrying.

7) Maintain A balance

Always maintain a balance because there’s a difference between confidence and overconfidence. So try to overconfidence but be confident always even when you don’t know anything. Because nobody knows everything, accept it and this is the reality.

8) Compliment Yourself

Always compliment yourself whether it is for your looks, dressing or your recent achievement. try compliment daily even for little works. You will feel more amazing.


Woman smiling at herself in mirror

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