High Life Food How To Choose The Right Protein Powder?

How To Choose The Right Protein Powder?

Protein is the muscle building nutrient in our body also known as the body-building supplement. Our body requires around 25% of protein along with carbohydrates and fats in a body building process, therefore, each and every bodybuilder understands the importance of protein. Moreover, protein is also required in a recovery process, you can’t get back energy lost due to over exertion in a workout without protein.


For that purpose, many people consume protein supplements such as protein powders which are sometimes necessary. Now the problem comes when you can’t find a right protein powder for yourself and stay confused. The wrong choice of protein powder can also damage your body to the levels from where it can’t be recovered. Moreover, protein powders are very costly so it is better to not to lose money on a wrong protein powder and read this list detailing about how to choose the right protein powder:

1. Be sure between a Mass-gainer and a protein powder

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 Many people confuse between mass gainer and protein powder and fall in the expression that mass gainers are a better form of protein powders because they help us in gaining weight. Unfortunately, such people’s decision is so wrong because mass gainers contain carbohydrates and fats in high amount if compared to their protein amount, therefore, instead of muscular they make you fat and unhealthy. While choosing a protein powder the main thing a person should consider is the high level of protein and low level of carbohydrates and fats.protein-vs-mass-gainner

2. Natural Ingredients

Protein powders sometimes contain many harmful ingredients and flavours which are unnecessary for body and sometimes result in muscle loss. Always choose a protein powder with the most natural and known ingredients and always consult your dietitian before using it.


3. The Right Type Of Protein Powders

People often ask how to choose a right protein powder and may even get some useful instructions for choosing one but one thing they should just never ignore i.e. choosing the right type of protein powders. Protein powders are divided into three types based on their absorption rate and which also acts differently. Those three types of protein powders are:

  • Isolate: Isolate protein should be used immediately after a work out as they’re absorbed immediately by the starving muscles.
  • Casein: Casein takes a very long period of time to absorb therefore it should be taken before falling asleep to keep your body full of amino’s during the whole night for your better health.
  • Concentrates: Concentrates neither take too much time to absorb nor too less. They’re also the most suggested type of protein as they keep a body fit with a fair ratio of amino acids and protein. Such powders can be consumed between the meals.


4. Never forget to compare

If you really want to find out how to choose a right protein powder for yourself then always compare two and three protein powders before choosing one. This procedure will also help you find out the unnecessary ingredients and will save your money too. Actually, everyone is supposed to follow his dietitian’s advice before choosing a protein powder but that’s not always necessary because sometimes, even your dietitian may not know that what ingredients are different companies have started to use in their protein powders. So comparing helps us in resolving that issue and don’t forget to consult your dietitian after comparing  a protein powder.


5. Customer reviews

Choosing a protein powder takes time. Though all companies promise that their protein powder helps but that depends on individual to individual. Like maybe the protein powder which helped your friend is totally useless for you. We know that you’ll never like that so consider searching protein powder’s on the internet, read their reviews, ask your friends or other people that what problems they faced with their protein powders and only after considering these things, choose your protein powder.

Protein powders are trusted by every dietitian and a right protein powder can never have any negative effects. With the tips on how to choose a right protein powder, we will never let you choose a wrong powder as we hope the best for your health and body.

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