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How To Clean Your House If You Want It Look Pretty This Festive Season!

Festival season is coming and especially Diwali. On Diwali, it is considered that the Goddess Lakshmi visits the cleanest house on the occasion of Diwali. obviously, it is a myth but it drives everyone to clean their house from every nook and corner. Maybe this is the reason this superstition was created. So that people could get up and clean their houses. The question arises how to clean your house properly. What is the right way to clean your house? Do  not worry we will tell you how can you clean your house in the best way possible!

Cleaning house in a proper house saves your energy and time too. Time management is important when you have a lot on your plate. First, create an order in which you want to clean your house.

Start by making your bed

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Fold the sheets and make your bed properly this will make your room look much neater and clean.

Pick Up The Trash


Collect every single piece of trash lying around in your house this will make the floor of your house clean. Put all the garbage in a bin.

Fold Clothes And Keep Them In Drawers


It is pretty common that clothes are always out from the drawers. Fold every clean piece of cloth and keep the at a proper place. Otherwise, your clean  clothes  will catch all the dust.

Set Up Things Which Needs Time And Does Not Require You Standing there


First do the things which do not require you all the time or your attention for example : putting toilet cleaner in the toilet bowler, starting the dishwasher, washing machine, these things require time and can be done without you but make sure to check on all these with time.

How To Clean Complicated Chores Of Your House


There are corners in your home which do not require weekly cleaning  these can be cleaned once or twice a month. How to clean such complicated areas? The most difficult thing to clean is the windows of the house! Right ? Following are the ways in which you can clean those hard to touch areas

Fans –  Swiffers are really helpful to clean these areas.

Drawer –  Use a wet piece of cloth to clean drawers.

Windows – Take a glass cleaner of your choice and spray it on the window, then scrub it clean.

How To Clean Your Kitchen


First , clean your stove properly, then appliances ( Refrigerator, microwave ). Then clean the sink and spray some anti – bacterial. Brush the whole kitchen and then sweep the entire floor.

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