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Tech How To Create And Setup APN Settings On Your Android Device

How To Create And Setup APN Settings On Your Android Device

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The Android operating system is very popular and used by most of the people in the world. Its unique and limitless features are the reason behind this. However, APN (Access Point Name) settings are a must-have to access the internet in an android device. This contains the address which establishes the connection from phone to the internet.

Tricks to change APN settings in your android device

If your phone is having a problem connecting to the internet or you have lost the APN setting of your device, you must reinsert the SIM card. If this doesn’t works try to change Apn settings manually with the following method:

how to change android apn settings

Step 1. Go to your device settings.

Step 2. Search for the ‘Wireless and network’ option.

Step 3. Open the ‘Wireless and network’ option and look for ‘Mobile Networks’.

Step 4. Tap on Mobile Networks, now you will see the Acess point name or APN options.

Step 5. Tap on three dots menu in the upper right corner and select New APN.

There are different APN addresses for different telecom operators. You can call customer support or search online for yours. Simply edit the settings and save the New APN settings that you have entered. You will find that you are now connected to the internet.

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