India is hosting the T20 World Cup this year starting from March 8 and not all of us can get a ticket and enjoy it in the stadium. So to enjoy the matches if you don’t have a chance of going and watching live cricket, Pagal Parrot gives you some ideas that you can use to Enjoy T20 World Cup 2016 mania.

  1. Sports Bars and Cafes

With T20 around we have many Sports Bars, Cafes and Pubs that install big screens for their viewers so that they can hang out with friends and chill out with beer while enjoying the match. Some bars and pubs also give you  attractive offers on drinks and snacks. Some of the places to reach out and enjoy T20 World Cup 2016 with your friends are Underdogg Sports Bar and Grill, The BrewMaster, Hangout, QBA etc.

Underdogg - How to Enjoy T20 Cricket World Cup

2. Office Cafeterias

It is very difficult for men to focus on their assigned office tasks when the cricket matches are on. They are all the time distracted towards the score and match updates, which makes them take a sneak-peak at the scores through their laptops, PCs or mobiles. But many organizations get a temporary screen available at the company cafeteria for their employees to watch and enjoy the cricket match, but not at the cost of the work deadlines given to them. This way, on the day of some important match, the employee instead of staying back at home to enjoy the match, will rather prefer going to the office and enjoy T20 World Cup 2016 the match with colleagues and not even wasting a leave.

office -  to Enjoy T20 Cricket World Cup

3. Hostel Mess and College Canteens

Hostel and college days are the most enjoyed days in everyone’s life. So another fun way to enjoy the match is in your hostel mess and college canteen while munching chips, snacks and sipping in coke. You can watch uninterrupted telecast in your comfortable pyjamas and need not bother to go out of your premises. But be careful before bunking any lectures and staying back in the hostel by making an excuse of your illness or going to the college canteen to enjoy T20 World Cup 2016 and watch your favourite cricketer playing.

Hostel - How to Enjoy T20 Cricket World Cup

4. Parks and Clubhouses of Residential complexes

Many residential complexes get huge screens placed in their society parks or clubhouses so that kids and their parents can watch the matches together. This gives a good time for the otherwise busy neighbours to spend time with together, sharing common interests. Children and men also get a common place to hang out and share their joy and grief. related to cricket and enjoy T20 World Cup.

Indian shopkeepers - How to Enjoy T20 Cricket World Cup

5. Radio and TV telecast

Cricket is the game of India which everyone enjoys, irrespective of their age, cast, or economical status. So during the T20 days, you will quite often spot people carrying their radio with themselves or gathered together at some tea-stall to catch the cricket updates and enjoy it over a cup of tea and enjoying T20 World Cup together.

Teastall - How to Enjoy T20 Cricket World Cup

6. Sitting at Home

If at all, you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and don’t have any of the above options, the best and the easiest way out is to sit back at your, have a basket of popcorn and sip in your favourite tea, coffee or coke. Men also like to call their folks at their place and enjoy the match, while their wives prefer spending a day out at shopping or simply gossipping. So, all of us can enjoy T20 World Cup 2016.

Home - How to Enjoy T20 Cricket World Cup

So, whatever you do, wherever you are, you got no excuses not to enjoy the T20 World Cup 2016 this year.

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